Local Rules 2020

1. Out of Bounds (Rule 2.1)

  • Beyond a wall, fence or ditch bounding the course.
  • Outside a line of white stakes.
  • Within the Clubhouse enclosure, car-parks, putting green or practice area.

2. Water Hazards (Rule 17.1 D)
  • All Water Hazards are defined as Red Penalty Areas.

3. Ground Under Repair (Rule 16.1 A)
  • Marks left by tractors and green keeping equiptment fall under this category, but may not be marked.

4. Obstructions (Rule 16.1 and 15.2 A)
  • Immovable – course furniture, gravel paths, service roads, sprinkler heads, staked trees, sleepers, flagpoles (13th Hole), fairway distance marker discs, lifebelts, water outlets, covers and bells. The ball shall be dropped within one club length of the nearest point of relief, not nearer the hole.
  • Movable – Stones in bunkers, distance marker poles.

5. Measuring Devices (Rule 4.3 A)
  • Measuring devices may be used for distance calculation only
6. Sprinkler Heads (Rule 16.1)
  • If the ball lies off the putting green and not in a hazard and an immovable obstruction on or within two club lengths of the putting green and within two club lengths of the ball intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole or
  • If the player’s ball lies on the putting green and an immovable obstruction within two club lengths of the putting green intervenes on his line of putt.
  • Relief – mark the ball. Under a) above, the player must drop the ball, under b) the player must place the ball – at the nearest point to where the ball lay that is not nearer the hole, which avoids intervention and is not in a hazard. The ball may be cleaned when lifted.
7. Embedded Ball (Rule 16.3 B)
  • Through the green, a ball that is embedded in its own pitch mark in the ground may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole.