Local Rules | Hollywood Lakes Golf Club |

Local Rules 2019

1. Out of Bounds - marked by white stakes
(a) Outside the boundaries of the course
(b) On or over the road on the right side of the 1st and 12th fairway

2. A ball lying on the putting greens or tees other than that being played to, or green which is under repair or temporarily out of play must be lifted & dropped clear.

3. The following are immovable obstructions (Rule 24-2 applies)
(a) All artificially surfaced roads, paths and bridges
(b) Staked trees
(c) Sprinkler heads and covers

4. A ball hitting electricity wires or poles on the course must be played again without penalty.

5. Sprinkler heads and covers are immovable obstructions (Rule 24 applies).

6. Stones in bunkers are immovable obstructions (Rule 24-1 applies).

7. Caddie cars must not be taken onto greens or tees

8. Please repair all divots.

9. Please repair all pitch marks.

10. Please rake all bunkers after use.

11. Greenkeeping staff have priority on the course and will give way when practical.